A Rewind of Ruben's Big Moment 

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Nickname: Will

Real Name:William Devaughn Stumpf


Age: 25

Birthdate:27 February

Place of Birth:Germany


Occupation: Model


Hidden Ambition: To travel the world as a photographer

Claim to Fame:McDonald’s McRice Burger TV Commercial

Charity: Brave Kids Foundation

Just when women are about to accept the fact that Prince Charming never exist, comes one of Big Brother’s too good to be true celebrity housemates, African Am-German Will Devaughn.

Love brought Will to the Philippines. Born to a pure German woman and a half-Pinoy, half-Afro American military man he had never met, he didn’t have much knowledge about the country he now calls home. He took the risk of flying thousands of miles just to follow the woman he loves.

Later on however, they broke up and Will decided to stay in the country and make a living as a model. Spell out tall, dark and handsome, Will was practically everywhere around the country in less than a year of his stay because of his billboards, television commercials, magazine print ads and features.

As his search for true love continues, could be his princess just waiting for him inside Kuya's house?

Let's talk about Will here!

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